This is my first blog entry and covers about the beginning of my journey with Tux. Our time together till now has been incredibly great. To all of you who are also interested in going out with Tux, following is the way I managed it.


I began with the course Introduction to Linux hosted by The Linux Foundation. For beginners, this course proves to be a legible source to know about Linux. Along with this course, a bit of reading about Operating Systems can actually give you a head start in this field. After this, I took up the training course for RHCE. This is where I got to know about some more advanced features of Linux. After knowing so much about the Operating System, I realized that I actually knew nothing. No, really. The more you explore Linux, better you’ll know that you know nothing. Well, probably this is the reason Linux keeps a person captivated and curious. You should definitely start working with it. Plus points are that you can actually see your OS working, you can make changes to your OS, you can have complete control over services and processes in your OS and, using command line will give you a heroic feel.

Thanks for reading.



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