Outreachy internship complete

Hello all,

My internship with Outreachy has been officially complete now. My work however continues. I have taken up the work to add support for some options in nftables and adding some missing code so, I’m continuing to contribute to nftables.

If you’re an Open Source enthusiast or a potential Outreachy Round 12 or Google Summer of Code-2016 intern then you can consider having nftables as your project. After all nftables is focused on making things simple for everyone. Simple code, simple syntax, simple data structures and what not. Read more about its advantages here.

Here is the list of proposed ideas for GSoC this year. I have worked on Task #1 and Task #4 out of these. If you find the idea of nftables interesting then you should try giving it a shot. You can claim tasks from the mentor and start contributing a bit before the commencement of judging rounds.

Oh, and did I mention the prerequisites? See below:

  • Fluency in C (Yes, you all know it!)
  • Computer networking, specifically, layer 2/3/4 of TCP/IP stack (This might take time to learn but you can start having a slight idea and start contributing! You’ll learn A LOT while doing work.)

You can contact me anytime if you wish to seek help regarding this. I’ll try to help as much as I can.

Good luck!

Thanks for reading.


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