Netfilter workshop


After having worked for netfilter’s project nftables as a part of my Outreachy internship, I have been invited to the 12th Annual Netfilter Workshop which is going to happen in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Great thing is that I got my visa today and I will be able to attend it. I would also be speaking about my work during my internship i.e. iptables-translate.

Screenshot from 2016-04-28 19:44:54

These workshops are very necessary if you want to learn more about the core infrastructure, the new fantastic features to be introduced, etc and to collaborate with fellow developers, the amazing core-team members. In case you like netfilter‘s projects, you can start contributing and request an invitation for workshop too. My complete stay there is going to be generously sponsored by netfilter. I will also be getting $500 stipend from Outreachy as a part of travel schemes for workshops related to internship projects.

One more stunning thing, Netfilter has been sponsored by tech giants like Facebook and VMware this time. It is going to be an incredible experience to meet the people I have always only communicated by means of e-mail. And yes, I will no longer be just an e-mail on the patchworks. I am so excited about my first big workshop and talk.

Have you ever been to a great workshop like this? Share your experience in comments so that others also get to know how wonderful these are for aspiring coders. I’ll be posting the updates of all five days on my blog. Do you want to start contributing to Linux kernel and its projects? Kernel newbies has been waiting for you. Go ahead!

Special vote of thanks: I was helped a lot with the visa process by Pablo Neira Ayuso, Julia Lawall, Tapasweni Pathak, Vaishali Thakkar and many more amazing people. See the strength of networking with awesome people? Start building your networks too.

Thanks for reading.


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