Revival of LinuxChix India

Hola, people!

I have great news for you all. A few months back, I came across something called LinuxChix. For a Linux enthusiast, it was a very captivating title. After more of reading about it, I found out it would be the perfect platform to connect with people of similar interests in my country.

Quoting from the website of LinuxChix, “LinuxChix is a community for women who like Linux and for anyone who wants to support women in computing.” Sounds awesome, right?

So, I started reaching out to some people in a hope to know more about this amazing community. Turned out the community had not been active for a long time in the country now. However, I decided to try and make it active again, get people connected so that the purpose of LinuxChix India is served.

My source of motivation: LinuxChix Argentina. Amazingly managed. Great knowledgeable people. Holding wonderful timely events and partnering with the big communities that support women in computing. Very proud of you! πŸ™‚

Luckily, the admins and the initial founders of IndiChix (the Indian chapter of LinuxChix) responded very calmly and politely when I talked to them about organizing events. A big thanks to Hassath for helping with almost everything. We had our first meetup recently. We were helped by many awesome people and groups (next post solely dedicated to them πŸ˜‰ ) in making the meetup a success.

We have just begun and I hope we will be bigger in the coming year. We’d be grateful if you could provide any kind of help that can make us grow. We need help with the following:

  1. Website
  2. Organizing events
  3. Taking LinuxChix to different regions of the country
  4. Sponsorship in the form of
    • space for meetups
    • stickers and T-shirts of our own (for special big events)

If you can help with any of these, please consider filling up this form.

Follow us on Twitter: LinuxChix India

Like us on Facebook: LinuxChix India

Share with your friends. Thanks a lot!


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