Meetup with Linuxers

Hello all,

The last post mentioned about the revival of LinuxChix India but in making the community alive again, a large role has been played by Indian Linux Users Group-Delhi. ILUG-D was also a very active group but has been inactive for past few years. Now, they’ve started off again and have been doing pretty great so far. They want to build a gender neutral community and hence were welcoming in joining hands with LinuxChix India. We had our first meetup after a long break with ILUG-D recently.

The meetup was hosted by Feminist Approach to Technology. They did a great job hosting us and they do a great job as a part of their mission (check them out NOW!). There were people ranging from absolute beginners to experts with very good hold and experience of Linux. Sounds perfect, right? We’re planning to have more of such meetups in future.

The day was kicked off by Muhammad Falak Reyaz Wani (@mfrw1) talking about Is Vim/Emacs [in]efficient? . Now, you must be thinking that it would be a battle of the two editors that he must have talked about. Actually, he told about the most amazing features of both of the editors. The features that most of the people had no idea existed. I realized after his talk why these editors are termed “powerful”. A great talk indeed.

Following this was a tea break where people discussed about things like LDAP and kerberos, SUID and PAM, and many more amazing things. (Feel bad for missing the meetup already? Awww.. πŸ˜› Don’t. Next meetup info in the end. πŸ˜‰ )

Second was Shyam Saini (@mysticTot) in the queue of speakers. He talked about the most debated topic Everything is a file in Linux*. Even the title sounds pretty cool. (It was πŸ˜‰ ) Except for the fact that the talk actually became a discussion and debate, the workshop was very knowledgeable and praiseworthy. People learned a lot about the basic file operations and CLI. Amazing work by Shyam indeed.

The day was closed (Pfff.. πŸ˜› Not that easily) with the talk by Shivani Bhardwaj (@tuxish) (yeah, me! πŸ˜› ) on Basic Local Security Principles in Linux. So, mine was probably the calmest talk (everybody was already tired by this time, don’t take the last slots for talks, I tell you πŸ˜› ). There were many good points added about the things I talked about by the senior members (At least they were listening, yayy πŸ˜€ ). So, overall it was an awesome talk too like everybody else (Don’t you evil grin!).

The day was supposed to be over now. But… Everybody woke up again and we had a good discussion about what should be the topics of interest in the next meetup.

Overall, it was a very nice meetup. Everybody enjoyed the debates, the conversing to people and the jokes (those were good ones). In case you want to experience the same level of fun and knowledge gaining sessions, do attend our next meetup with PyDehi and PyData Delhi on 17 Dec 2016.

More details on Twitter:
LinuxChix India
Indian Linux Users Group – Delhi

Thanks for reading.


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